Prenatal Massage

  • 60 Minutes      $120

  • 90 Minutes      $150

  • 120 Minutes    $175

A prenatal massage is a wonderful choice to compliment maternity care. It is a healthy way to:

  • reduce stress & anxiety

  •  promote overall wellness

  • Relieve physical discomforts

    • backaches

    • stiff neck

    • leg cramps

    • headaches &

    • edema (swelling)


Additionally prenatal massage reduces stress on weight-bearing joints, encourages circulation, helps to relax nervous tension and can help relieve depression and anxiety caused by hormonal changes.

Comfort is always our priority so extra care is taken to ensure our pregnancy massage clients are comfortable. Pregnancy causes extra strain on the lower back or abdominal area.  Our goal is to alleviate discomfort, so while in side-lying position on supportive, soft cushions your abdomen and lower back are tightly massaged with a little more pressure applied to legs and other extremities.

Must be 12+ weeks & have physician's approval