About Kneaded Touch

Welcome to Kneaded Touch...The land of Aaahhs!  You no longer have to get off the massage table, click your heels 3 times and wish you could alleviate DMV traffic.  With Kneaded Touch you are pampered in your very own home, job or special event.  We bring the RELAXATION to you.  


After owning a salon in Tysons Corner, VA, Debbie Richardson noticed how tense her clients would become with the thought of fighting through DC traffic once they left the spa.  As a business owner, Debbie is no stranger to stress and anxiety.  Having lived in the DC metro area for over 32 years, she's very astute in the art of sitting in traffic too.  Kneaded Touch Mobile is born of Debbie's desire to help people to Breathe, Relax in the moment and Renew their mind, body and soul.  You will be Replenished and better equipped to deal with life, at home or at your desk.

Debbie journeyed to Aaahhs via American Massage & Bodywork Institute located in Tysons Corner.  There she met the Owner Scott, the Director Katie and The Awesome Instructor Bernie who each harvested her Courage, Passion and Talents helping her become the top-notched Massage Therapy Wizard she was destined to be.

In 2018 Kneaded Touch opened up its Corporate Relaxation Division.  We now offer chair massage for special events such as parties and conventions.  We also create custom Corporate Wellness Programs for small businesses and large corporations.